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In 1993, CreaMiser Products’ founder envisioned a method for adding fresh chilled cream to coffee. In his view, the collection of non-sanitary and messy cream alternatives that self-serve coffee venues offered their customers needed improvement.

Development of an easy-to-use refrigerated cream dispenser soon followed with CreaMiser Products becoming recognized as the leading supplier of bulk cream dispensers nationwide. Since then CreaMiser’s product offering has expanded beyond the coffee bar to now include flavor dispensers and Virtuoso flavors for both hot and cold beverage programs. Our continued dedication to customer satisfaction, quality and innovation has been key to the success and widespread acceptance of our products.


The CreaMiser Executive Team

  • Kathy Reed - Chief Operating Officer
  • John Ludwig - Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing
  • Gerard Goepfert - Vice President, Production
  • Gary Dunham - Vice President, Engineering
  • Bruce Burkett - Controller

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